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Local board candidate vows to be VOCAL FOR LOCAL

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

High-endorsed Henderson-Massey Local Board independent contender Sunil Kaushal vowed to be VOCAL FOR LOCAL in announcing his candidacy for the upcoming 2022 elections.

Kaushal has vowed to remain vocal about local issues that matter to the Henderson-Massey locals, like being safe in their own homes or on the streets, or the locals worried about their health and loosing the Waitakere Hospital because the government will not endorse the Waitemata District Health Board Master Plan health, and maintaining parks for locals rather than being sold off to pay council debts.

Speaking to the house full, Kaushal shared his journey when he moved to Tauranga from India in 1995. He shared his struggles as a new immigrant to the country with no family and friends to support, yet he rolled up his sleeves to help those less fortunate than him, equipping them with confidence to get on to their feet. He awed the supporters with his professional journey through contact centre to Head of a business unit and how he championed diversity and inclusion in a large financial institution in New Zealand, how he supported local businesses through capital funding or advocating for exporters at government to government level. He also shared his experience of being ingrained in the local community, be it leading Waitakere Indian Association or volunteering for Community Patrol or using his governance and financial skills on various not for profits in the area.

Kaushal has been vocal on the recent thefts of local’s cars being stolen or houses being robbed while they are at work. Kaushal has also been advocating for the Minister of Health to endorse the Master Plan for Waitakere Hospital which has been deferred by the Ministry of Health. “Many locals I have spoken to have shared their utter disappointment at the government putting health of two hundred and forth thousand West Aucklanders at risk specially when the pandemic has taught us to invest more in health”, he said.

Speaking at the launch on the weekend, Kaushal’s long time friend and former Mayor of Waitakere City Council and Auckland Supercity Penny Hulse said that Kaushal “has a heart for the community and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get dirt under his nails and get the work done”.

Bhav Dhillon, the honorary consul of India, mentioned the hard working qualities of Kaushal including a “very good mix of social, society, business, civic issues and a genuine hard working down to earth member of the community he lives and serves in”.

Kaushal’s Vocal for Local strength was highlighted by local family-owned business owner Rob Norcross who threw the weight of the Henderson businesses behind Kaushal saying, “In Sunil we have a mix of independent candidate who has the heart of the community on his sleeves and will work in the best interest of local businesses in Henderson-Massey, having financial and street knowledge of the area for over 25 years”.

Agreeing on the community heart and vision that Kaushal advocates for Henderson-Massey, President of the Trustees of Waitakere Indian Association Abhay Ballu, Steven Huang – Secretary of Waitakere Chinese Association. Saten Sharma - Waitakere Hindi School president, Dave Tomu - Former Chair of Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel, Imraan Hussain – leading voice of the Muslim community in Henderson-Massey, Tua who runs a community outreach to help the vulnerable families in Henderson-Massey, all commended Kaushal for standing as an independent candidate and bringing the views of the growing 30% ethnic communities in Henderson-Massey and threw their support behind Kaushal.

In conclusion, Kaushal sought the support of his supporters laying down his unique qualified to bring fresh, effective, independent voice to Henderson-Massey Local Board.

He said, “Over the years the board has lost touch with locals and have made decisions that are more aligned to party line rather than local residents. The decisions do not reflect the changing demographics of our society or are in the best interest in the locals.

I am committed to being VOCAL FOR LOCAL for our local Henderson-Massey community. My focus is to make Henderson-Massey a Safer, Healthier, Cleaner Thriving community because we need local solutions for local issues from a local candidate”.

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