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To improve Henderson Massey’s Safety:

The safety of our community is the highest priority for me. I am committed to working with the Police, local agencies, and the community to keep our streets safe.

Ensure our volunteers patrol our community

Partner with Police and other agencies to keep our streets safe

Advocate for more resources to grass root organisations to patrol our streets

Champion youth programmes to provide youth to develop life skills

Ensure we feel safe at bus and train stations, on our streets

Secure our cars and homes from break ins.

Advocate for Health Facilities to be upgraded:

The population of West Auckland is growing fast and is expected to reach 348,000 by 2038. Despite this projected increase, Waitakere Hospital is still in danger of being left out from being upgraded. The residents of West Auckland need a full hospital that serves their needs appropriately and can handle an increasing patient load as the population grows.

I will continue to be a voice for the locals and ensure that we Save Waitakere Hospital receives its due endorsement for the Master Plan which will see it being a fully operational hospital.

Residents will not have to travel to North Shore

Operations can be performed locally

Release undue stress from other hospital including Auckland and Middlemore.

Snowy Mountains

To improve Henderson Massey’s environment:

Henderson-Massey is home to 123,300 residents.


With an average carbon footprint of 6.3 tonnes per person for Aucklanders, our local board area generates an approximate 776,790 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per annum. This means Henderson-Massey residents must reduce their collective carbon footprint to 388,395 tonnes by 2030 or to 0.3 tonnes by 2050.

If elected, I will champion for:

Boost investment in environmental sector including beach and waterway clean-ups and support to local community tree-planting and pest eradication efforts

Prioritise planning and the mitigation of impacts from coastal inundation

Ensure green space protection provisions provide good quality parks and adequate green spaces particularly in areas of increasing density

Increase local board control and funding to better manage local parks and playground maintenance

Parks belong to the local residents and as such should remain for locals to use and not be sold off to pay any council debt.

Henderson-Massey has 220 parks and 30 primary schools in the area. If we plant 25 trees per primary school each year, then we will plant 2250 trees by 2024 and by doing so show our kids that climate change is real.

By taking these actions we will make a positive impact through:

Carbon sequestration (or sequestration of carbon),

More shelter and sunshade provided (to reduce heat island effects and protect us from UV radiation),

Biodiversity increased (by having more species),

Air quality improved (by cleaning the air from pollution),

Prevents erosion and improves water quality (so less sedimentation)

Improved health and wellbeing (by being more oxygenated),

Reduced flood risk (by preventing erosion and channelling water into retention areas),

Increased resilience (through stronger tree roots).

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